The Final Stretch

The vast bulk of the story is finished, and revisions have begun.  Its a daunting task of ruthlessly cutting huge swaths of text.  The story is long, too long, and my goal is to get it down to roughly 150-170k words.

In addition to the trim, I am working on tightening up the plots.  My primary focus right now is working on Saeus’ plot, and really making The Count a character that people will love to hate.

Count Chillmoore


There are less than 20k words separating our main characters from their conclusion.  At about 1500 words a day, we should have the first draft of book 1 done within the month.  There are a few large holes in the story that still require filling, I have some ideas but they need fleshing out.  The major revision I can already see on the horizon is that our starting location occupies too much of the book, while the arguably more important ending location is being forced into a relatively scant few chapters.  I have some ideas on how to speed the first half of the book up, we’ll have to wait and see how they work out.